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Table of Contents
Part 1 Introduction 2
1. What is StreamHijacker
2. Installation
3. How to use StreamHijacker
4. Features
Part 2 Support 5
1. FAQ
2. On-Line support
Part 3 Thanksgiving 6
1. Thanksgiving 6
1 Introduction
1.1 What is StreamHijacker
StreamHijacker is a small Open Source stream ripper application. With this application you can save
video or audio contents from the internet radios or video servers without any modifications and data
loss. You can split the contents to separated files and you can save tracklist to HTML or TXT format.
When you using the file splitter you can save PLS or M3U playlist.
With the inbuild ShoutCast radio station browser you can search radio stations and with a single click
can starting the ripping. The whole playlist is stroing in recent list. You can set the maximum recent list
The files plitter doesn't allow to use CUE list saving because the separated files are doesn't needs
cue list. Use the PLS, M3U or HTML, TXT tracklists with file splitter.
The program can monitoring the empty space in the destination hard drive and when it's under
200MBytes the ripping is closing by the program itself. On the settings form you can see the empty
space on the selected hard drive.
Actually it's supporting the schedulded recording. Just set up a correct date, time and the duration
of the ripping. Add a radio address what do you like to record. On the selected date and time the
record is starting on the radio station what do you type to the radio address. The maximum length of
the schedulded recording is 24 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. The other settings are used to
schedulded recording too!
1.2 Installation
Just unpack the StreamHijacker to what do you want. When you start the program it shows the license
file and the settings form.
1. Select the destination folder with Browse button.
2. Change the maximum recent numbers
3. Set up the scroller speed
The basic installation was ended with this instructions.
1.3 How to use StreamHijacker
StreamHijacker was designed to an easy-to-use application. Just select a station or address from the
inbuild ShoutCast browser or the recent list and push the Hijack It! button. The progress informations
are showed on the scrolled text fieldon „On The Radio” section. If the message is too length then it's
scrolling left to right and backward. About the current stream you can find a quick info on the main
form. It show you the total ripping time the radio content (like: MP3, AAC, NSV, etc... ) and the bitrate
in kilobits per seconds.
The stream info or the current song info it's showed when you push the info button. The info show you
the stream or song length, bitrate, stream type, radio name and address, stream genre and the
received data. On the Statistics tab you can see what happens under saving the content from the radio
The recorded songs and the song length are showed on the Songlist when you push the „Rip List”
button if you using the file splitter option.
To the application just click to the „Minimize” to the top. It's between the About and Exit buttons. The
hidden application is restoring when you take double click to the StreamHijacker icon on the system
tray or you select the „Show” item on the menu.
If you have an address what you like and want to use it in StreamHijacker just open the program and
type it to the address field. When you push the Hijack It! button the address what you was type is
saving to the recent list.
StreamHijacker main window.
1.4 Features
StreamHijacker have the folowing features:
● Recent list
● Showing ripped songs in a list
● Settings
● Showing the current song ( if MetaData exists )
● Information panel
● Show informations about current song and / or about the current stream
● Shoutcast radio browser ( Download from )
● Playlist file downloading
● Ripping to separated files ( File splitter )
● Recent list is changeable
● Song list creation ( TXT or HTML format )
● Winamp emulation
● Split to new folder
● Destination folder for splits and ripped streams
● Hiding to system tray icon
● CUE file creator
● Schedulded recording
● PLS and M3U playlist
StreamHijacker supporting the following formats and protocols:
● ShoutCast Protocol
● IceCast 1 and 2 Protocol
● HTTP/1.1 Protocol
● AAC, AAC+, MP3, MPEG, NSV streams
● PLS downloading ( only with the shoutcast browser )
● PLS and M3U playlists
2 Support
2.1 FAQ
Q: After i stop the recording the program show me „Connection closed Gracefully”. What does it
mean? Is that a problem?
A: When the connection was closed down on the client and server side then it show this message.
This is a normal operation not a problem.
Q: The program still showing „Buffering” or „Preparing” message on the main window. What's the
A: You must open your firewall for StreamHijacker or you lost your internet connection.
Q: The program shows „I/O Error 103” message and the record was stopped. What does it mean?
A: You don't have permisson to write to the destination folder or the destination file was locked
by an another application. (Try to close down your antivirus software and check the permissons of
the destination folder.)
Q: The ShoutCast station browser can't download the list. What can i do?
A: Check your firewall rules and check manually the page. If you still have the
problem please let me know.
Q: The schedulded record doesn't started but i was set it up. Why?
A: You must provide a valid address in schedulded record settings and must enable the schedulder.
If your internet connection is poor or your firewall was closed the StreamHijacker can't reach the
destination address and can't start the ripping.
Q: The songlist shows me only one song. Why?
A: This is a normal operation when you ripping from a radio what doesn't have new song identifier.
Q: The program shows me „Metadata error!” message. What's the problem?
A: The selected radio station doesn't have metadata interval. StreamHijacker doesn't supporting radio
stations what doesn't have metadata.
Q: What „Winamp emulation” means?
A: Radio stations are identify the stream client. With this option the StreamHijacker seems like a
standard Winamp.
Q: During the ripping the StreamHijacker shows me an „Stopped because no more free space on
drive...” error message and the programs stopped the ripping by itself. Why?
A: The free space is lower then 200MBytes on the selected hard drive.
2.2 On-line Support
This product is provided without charge so I can't provide any technical support for it. However, if you
find any problems, please e-mail me at with a complete description of
the problem. You can contact with me via MSN on (ONLY MSN! For e-mail
messages see a row upper!)
3 Thanksgiving
3.1 Thanksgiving
Thanks to Mickey, MickeySoft, Norbert, Samantha and Gismo for there help and inspirations.
Thanks to my family, my friends and all poeple who were supporting me.
Special thanks to for the web space and the free space for my project and
thanks to Sun Microsystems Inc. for the
StreamHijacker was build on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pro V3505 notebook with
Borland Turbo Delphi 2007 under Windows XP Home Edition.

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